Leonardo Da Vinci

This collection is inspired by urban architecture, engineering, and street art. A dedication to San Francisco and its magnificent landmarks, combining pop art and collage in vibrant, bright colors. Blending materials and images from mainstream culture, found in magazines, books, and photoshop creations, together with stencils and 24 k gold leaf applications make these paintings mixed media collages that have a thoroughly modern narrative form.

We provide custom, large-scale mural artwork, hand-painted graphics, images, and decorative finishes for your interior or exterior space. Murals turn a dull wall into a stunning, personalized work of art. Usually, anything is possible – as long as the walls can be safely reached and worked on by our artist.

Create and order a custom painting, using acrylic paint and mixed media on any size canvas. Custom paintings can be for personal use or corporate business artworks that conform with the company’s brand and identity. Choose a theme or an occasion – from photos or just ideas and we will create your unique masterpiece. Clients can procure anywhere from a single art piece, to a multi-piece installation.

Our NBA Player collection is a selection of basketball-inspired art using a pop art, street art collage style. Colors are lustrous, saturated, glossy, and radiant representing the dynamics and speed of the game. If you are interested in a special player please contact us for commission paintings.

Superheroes are meant to inspire. They stand for bravery, creativity, responsibility, and goodness. Knowing that we all can be superheroes in our lives this collection is meant to encourage and energize. Bold, brave, loud, and colorful applications of different layers of paint and media. Mixed media collages that make us feel heroic.

Live Art Painting Performance is a visual art form through which the artist creates a unique masterpiece live in front of an audience, customized to the event theme and client branding. Usually, a large-scale canvas is put together using 20 -200 smaller canvases. Once the unique painting is finished it can be disassembled and each guest can take home a piece/canvas of the masterpiece wrapped and boxed.

The BORED APE YACHT CLUB collection is a fun and loud approach to bringing digital NFT artworks to life IRL. Using bold, saturated colors and stencil lettering – the style is a pop art and street art combination with many images collaged into the works. Can’t find your BAYC ape? Reach out and we will custom paint your unique painting.

Our Art Angel’s work is dedicated to giving back to our community and supporting those that are sick, in need, or underserved and who can’t afford to bring beautiful, colorful art into their surroundings. Producing and appreciating art is known to have measurable psychological and physiological healing properties. In the presence of art, we may experience inspiration, wonder, and even hope; it can spark our imagination, creativity, and thinking. Art can heal.