Ai Weiwei


Ever since Sara was in elementary school, she started creating art and paintings and was praised by her teachers for her creativity and design aesthetics.

Born in Europe, and raised in two countries, Sara hails from a multicultural family of designers, architects, and real estate developers.

She received art and academic scholarships for the University of Texas, where she received her BFA. She won multiple design awards and art competitions and received her MFA from the Design Institute in Münster, Germany, with honors.

During the past 20 years, Sara’s professional work in different industries has constantly evolved around art, design, and real estate. She worked as a Creative Director in the advertising and corporate world for 18 years. There she started teaching workshops around corporate identity and brand awareness. Coaching and writing evolved to become another creative passion for her and in 2023 she published her first book “The Mindset Equation” which is a comprehensive summary of her Mindset Transformation workshops and courses. 

Today Sara lives both her passions. She works as a full time coach contributing and leaving an impact through her mindset workshops and she works as an artist, focusing on creating art and paintings for various clientele. 

She creates custom works of art for interior designers, staggers, event companies, galleries, and private clients. She has been painting murals and loves carrying out “Live Art Painting Performances” where she paints in front of an audience at different venues.

She displayed her art in solo and group exhibitions in the USA and Germany, with the latest exhibits at the New York City ART EXPO, Manhattan, in April 2023, and from January to February 2022 at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco – Banksy Art Exhibit – “Exit Through the Palace- Local Artist Exhibition.” 

Artist Statement

Art is beauty. Art is love. Art is nature. Art is everywhere. Art is expressive. Art is quiet. Art is humor. Art is my world.

My art style varies from realism, and expressionism to pop art. Today, the street art of Banksy and pop art culture around Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Roy Lichtenstein influence my compositions. I am a contemporary artist, and for every painting, I use different media: acrylics, oil, dry pastels, charcoal, and markers.

My art style constantly changes, just like my life. My art is a journal of my life. Many of my recent works are a mixture of an urban, pop art style that fuses painted, drawn, and photographic elements that I manipulate in photoshop and collage onto the canvases. I paint and collage, adding different layers to create depth and texture and use bold, vibrant colors. Living in San Francisco contributed a lot to my current artistic expression. The dazzling, loud colors of the city. The constant change of scenery while driving up and down the streets. The energy that is released by the beautiful landscape in and around the city. As an artist, I am constantly inspired by urban architecture and the present urban lifestyle. I can even find inspiration by looking at street signs.

You will find letters, words, and sentences in my art because I have a great passion for typography and include words and letters that have importance to me as design elements in my paintings. Sometimes you will even find humorous and nonsense statements that have nothing to do with the artwork I am creating because life is fun, and art is fun. Life is so much easier when you find humor and laugh a lot.

For me, art is anything creative, innovative, unconventional, passionate, and personal. I communicate through my paintings and I want my audience to be inspired and feel the dynamic energy and the vibe of happiness that my artworks exude.